Our Vision

We know that your Business Systems should be an enabler, not a preventer.

We Take Your Business To The Next Level

We know that you're balancing a lot of things, so we take care of business. We specialize in simplifying the complex with solutions tailored to your needs.

Whether it's manufacturing execution systems or business management software, no problem is too big for us!

With over 60 years' experience working across various industries and our expert team--of engineers, finance professionals and software experts---we'll tackle just about anything you throw at us.

And because nothing succeeds without data integrity (the glue that holds everything together) we also provide integrations services into robust environments built on top-notch technology infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time to change a Business Managment System is when it's no longer improving your business results.

Technology can help you get an edge, but only for so long. If your current systems aren't helping you innovate and grow anymore, then it's time for a change.
The days of Business Managment Systems as standalone solutions are gone.

The solution of the decade, the true transformation will occur through tight integration with analytics and other business applications using robust API's - or what we like to think of as a holistic digital ecosystem.

This holistic digital ecosystem will transform your organisation from a primarily transactional enterprise to one that has fully operational intelligence within its processes and operations.
Your company's most important asset is its data. Data, as the backbone of any business strategy in today's digital world, is at an all-time high.

It has become increasingly crucial to have access and knowledge over data relating both internally within a company and externally from customers.

Cloud solutions allow us to keep our data secure while also having it accessible anywhere we are - whether that be inside or outside the office! Businesses need to protect their assets just like they would anything else because without this protection, your entire business could fail if something goes wrong with its data security.
AM Squared is a provider of Business Managment Systems, Integration Software and Business Intelligence to transform your business.

Transformation means improvement through systematic change - and we can help with that. We specialize in analytics, integration, innovation, workflow design and BPM (business process management) so you can improve results as well as the efficiency of your company's operations.

Analytics provide a deep level of insight into how your people, processes and assets are performing. You can get answers to burning HR questions such as: ""Who is the worst performer on my team?"" ""What are the least popular items for sale in my inventory?"" "Why has efficiency been declining overtime?" Analytics provides those answers without guesswork or endless time reporting data from disparate sources.

Integration unifies your internal data sources so that you get a well-rounded view of what's happening across departments and locations – reducing costly duplications and ensuring optimal communication across teams.